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Aji Angelo comes from South America. The plant is erect, tall and it branches late. It has large dark green leaves. Aji Angelo grows rapidly to a height of about 150 cm. It is necessary to tie peppers, otherwise the stem breaks. The petals have brownish-greenish-yellow spots with yellow anthers. The rest of the petals are white. In our conditions, first fruits ripen in late September. It is a perennial plant.


The fruit is oblong, for most, there is a tip at the end as for Trinidad Scorpion. The diameter of the fruit is 3 cm, length about 9-12 cm. The plant grows downwards. The colour varies from green to bright red colour at full maturity. Bushes are more fruitful than Jalapeňa. The fruit is juicy, crisp, very sweet with fruity-citrus flavours and fragrances as most Baccatum. The Scoville rating of the Aji Angelo is 20,000-40,000 SHU.


Cultivation is not too hard. The plant must be tied to support. It is fragile and easily breaks. Habitat should be in full sun. Use the porous substrate, but not too dry, it should only get air to the roots.


Fruits belong to the largest at Baccatum. Aji Angelo may be used as a vegetable to each meal in the kitchen. It is often added to salads, underneath meat, salsa, fresh sliced bread or we can add it into meat or cheese fillings and then bake or broil.


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Aji Angelo
Aji Angelo
Aji Angelo
Aji Angelo
Aji Angelo
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