The plant was originated with Peter Merla mutations in the Canary Islands from the yellow pepper Aji Fantasy, which is owned by Finnish company Fatalii. It is high 150 cm and has shrubby rise. It is necessary to have the plant tied to support, due to the fragility. The petals have brownish grey spots with yellow anthers. The rest of the petals are white. In our conditions, first fruits ripen in late August.


The fruit resembles Bishops Crown, which reaches red colour at full maturity. The fruit diameter is 4-6 cm and length is about 7-9 cm. It initially grows on twigs upright, then bend downward. The colour changes from green to white and in full maturity it achieves a light yellow colour. Bushes are very fruitful. The fruit is juicy, crisp with a hint of sweet fruit flavours and aromas. The hotness of chilli is low but noticeable. Kids love it.


Cultivation is not difficult. The plant is easy to break so it must be tied to support. Habitat should be in full sun. The substrate should be permeable, but not too dry, should only get air to the roots.


This beautiful pepper excels in taste and shape. In cuisine, Aji White Fantasy can be used as a vegetable to every meal. It's often used to garnish dishes, adding in salads, on sandwiches and below the meat. Try this sweet, delicious, gently burning pepper.


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Aji White Fantasy
Aji White Fantasy
Aji White Fantasy
Aji White Fantasy
Aji White Fantasy
Aji White Fantasy
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