The plant comes from Brazil. It's one of the nicest peppers. The plant is high around 150 cm and is perennial. Shoots grow up quickly and later create a full structure. The plant has to be tied to support. Otherwise, the stems will break. The petals have brownish-yellow spots with yellow anthers just like other Capsicum Baccatum. The rest of the petals are white. In our conditions (the Czech Republic – Central Europe) first fruits ripen later in mid-September.


A fruit resembles a small pumpkin that is red at maturity. The diameter of the fruit is 4-6 cm, length about 2-4 cm and bends down. The colour changes from dark green to orange, and in full maturity, it achieves a bright red colour. Bushes are very fruitful. The fruit is a juicy, crunchy, with a pleasant aroma and taste. The Scoville rating of the Aji Brazilian pumpkin is 15,000-40,000 SHU.


Cultivation is not difficult, but as already mentioned the plant has to be tied to support. Habitat should be in full sun. Use a substrate that is penetrable, but not too dry. It should only get air to the roots.


This beautiful pepper excels primarily in taste and shape. In the kitchen, it can be used as vegetables in each meal. I often decorate dishes by this chilli. It is also often added to salads, on sandwiches and below the meat. We can put up pepper in a sour pickle and then decorate dishes.


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Aji Brazilian Pumpkin
Aji Brazilian Pumpkin
Aji Brazilian Pumpkin
Aji Brazilian Pumpkin
Aji Brazilian Pumpkin
Aji Brazilian Pumpkin

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