The plant originates allegedly from El Salvador. It grows upright to a height of about 110 cm and reflects multiple shoots. The plant has to be tied to support otherwise the stems will break under the weight of fruit. The petals have brownish-yellow spots with yellow anthers. The rest of the petals are white. In our natural conditions, first fruits ripen at the end of August. It is a perennial.


The fruit is oblong. The diameter of the fruit is 3 cm, length about 12 cm and bends down. The colour changes from green to bright orange-red colour in full maturity. Aji Ahuachapau beautifully shines in the sunlight in the garden. The fruit is juicy, crisp, sweet with a pleasant taste and fresh fruity aroma like most Baccatum. The Scoville rating of the Aji Ahuachapau is 10,000–50,000 SHU.


Pepper grows without any problems, but should be tied to support, because it is fragile and easily breaks. Habitat should be in full sun. The substrate should be permeable, but not too dry, should only get air to the roots.


Fruits belong to the larger in the Baccatum. They are delicious with a fish and a chicken meat. It can be used as vegetables in each meal in the kitchen. I often add it to salads, salsa and fresh sliced bread or we can add it into meat or cheese fillings and then bake or broil.

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Aji Ahuachapau (Cap 220)
Aji Ahuachapau (Cap 220)
Aji Ahuachapau (Cap 220)
Aji Ahuachapau (Cap 220)
Aji Ahuachapau (Cap 220)
Aji Ahuachapau (Cap 220)

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