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It is blooming, blooming...

When the plant creates many flowers, it means only. They are doing well and soon they will be mature, sweet, fragrant, spicy chili peppers.

Now use the forces of nature in the fight against pests (wasps, spiders, ladybirds and their larvae), which will help us protect plants. And a little limit the ubiquitous ants, which spread aphids.

Purple flowers C. pubescens cv. Rocoto Peron Rojo and C. annuum cv. Atzeco create a strong contrast of colors between green leaves peppers.

C. baccatum cv. Jamaican Bell with yellow-brown color and C. Pubescens Rocoto de Seda with purple flowers attract ants to the sweet nectar, while under the leaves is waiting for them spider predator.

C. annuum Peperoni Tondo Calabrese with a white flower is shining into the distance and a small wasp flew to C. annuum cv. Pimiento de Padron

The first green fruit of C. baccatum cv. Jamaican Bell rang us in the end.

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