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My favorite 17 kinds of Capsicum Baccatum

And again chillies - now in the form of Capsicum Baccatum. The Latin word bacca means berries.

And so our peppers look chubby with different shapes, sizes, colours, scents and flavours.

In the movie, you will see 17 kinds of chilli, firstly bloom, and then the young plant with still immature fruits.

Aji Lemon Drop - orange in colour and oblong, it has a slightly citrus aroma.

Aji Omnicolor - comes from Peru, smaller, elongated, during ripening it changes colour from purple, white, yellow, orange, to the last red. Gently smells and tastes specifically like Baccatum. It gives a high yield.

Aji Ahuapachau - big, orange in colour, oblong, with a slightly twisted shape. It gently smells and tastes fruity specifically like Baccatum.

Aji Benito - less chubby with the tip at the end. At maturity, a plant is getting bright red. It gently smells and tastes specifically like Baccatum.

Aji Brazilian Pumpkin - as the name suggests, looks like a small pumpkin with ripe red fruit. It has a harder surface and is excellent to garnish cold dishes.

Aji Lemon Drop - smells like lemon and is oblong. At the end of the fruit tip, it is pale yellow in colour.

Aji White Fantasy - has magical and fantastic shapes of fruits with a white to yellowish colour. It gently smells and tastes specifically like Baccatum.

Blondie - blonde matures in ivory. Among the chilli, it is an unusual colour. Elongated peppers taste crisp and spicy like Baccatum.

Pimento Barro do Ribeiro - is named after the name of the province in Brazil. This sharply, spicy and extremely productive pepper is purplish at the time of immaturity and dark red colour at maturity. The shape of the fruit is plump, with the tip at the end.

Aji Guyana - a productive fruiting variety from Brazil has large dark orange fruits. The plant has strong growth.

Jamaican Bell - a plant, attractive due to its shape resembling the bishops hat, bell or a balloon, has red colour at the time of maturity. Chilli grows to greater heights, and it does not mind the cold weather.

Aji Minas Gerais - the high growth to great heights characterisesthis type with high-yield large red oblong fruits.

PI 260567 - a rare wild variety that is from Bolivia, with hundreds of small red, pungent fruits.

Aji Pineapple - very yielding variety with an elongated, yellow, pineapple tasting and smelling fruit.

Sugar Rush - very productive plant with a sweet taste of aromatic baccatum (but followed by strong chilli heat) and with the graceful curves of large fruits.

Aji Habanero - spicy hot pepper with a high yield and a bright yellow fruit with aromas and taste of fruit.

Aji Crystal - comes from Chile. A large number of the oblong fruits ripen from green to yellow, Orange, and finally bright red colour.

Capsicum Baccatum satisfies its hotness, smell, taste, colour and shape of the fruit every gourmet. They give perfect beauty, flavour and colour.

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