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It is already August and chili peppers mature....

They mature, and it is always a great joy to each grower, who tastes, sniffs and tests from each variety, especially when it is newly grown pepper.

Capsicum Baccatum cv. Pimenta Barro do Ribeiro - It is named after the name of the province in Brazil. It is sharply spicy, extremely profitable chilli pepper, which changes from purplish at the time of immaturity to dark red colour at the time of maturity. The shape of the fruit is plump, with the tip at the end.

Pimenta Barro do Ribeiro

Capsicum Baccatum cv. Aji Cristal - it comes from Chile. A large number of elongated fruits ripen from green to yellow, orange and finally bright red colour.

Aji Cristal

Capsicum Baccatum cv. Aji Lemon Drop Orange - chilli is orange, oblong and smells slightly like citrus

Aji Lemon Drop Orange

Capsicum Baccatum cv. Aji Lemon Drop - smells like lemon, it is oblong and at the end of the fruit, there is a light yellow tip.

Aji Lemon Drop

Capsicum Baccatum cv. Blondie - Blondie matures into ivory colour. Among the chili, it is an unusual color. Elongated fruits are spicy and taste like Baccatum.


Capsicum Baccatum cv. PI 260567 - PI 260567 is a rare wild variety, coming from Bolivia, with hundreds of small hot red fruits.

PI 260567

Capsicum Baccatum cv. Aji Pineapple - Aji Pineapple is a very high-yielding variety with an elongated and yellow fruit, which tastes and smells like pineapple.

Aji Pineapple

Capsicum Frutescens cv. Purrira - Purira is very producing pepper. It has one of the largest fruit of the Frutescens species.

Capsicum Frutescens cv. Purrira

Capsicum Baccatum cv. Aji Habanero - hot pepper with high yield and bright yellow fruit, having aromas and flavours of fresh fruit.

Aji Habanero

Capsicum Annuum var. Glabriusculum cv. Florida Wild Bird - Florida Wild Bird is species of the Wild peppers with hundreds of small extra-hot fruits.

Capsicum Annuum var. Glabriusculum cv. Florida Wild Bird

Capsicum Annuum cv. Fluorescent - Fluorescent belongs to one of the most beautiful peppers with dark leaves. Firstly, leaves have dark purple colour. Before fruits mature, leaves turn to green and then to strawberry red colour at full maturity.

Capsicum Annuum cv. Fluorescent

Capsicum Chinense cv. Bhut Jolokia Yellow - In the first second, Jolokia tastes sweet like fruit and then you can feel a few minutes extra-hotness. Chilli belongs to the hottest peppers.

Capsicum Chinense cv. Bhut Jolokia Yellow

Capsicum Annuum cv. Poinsettia - Poinsettia resembles samurai sword, perhaps because it was bred in Japan. Chilli is suitable for all meals. It is often dried (hung on a string). In Italy, ​it is called ristra. On the second picture, there are showed unripe fruits.

Capsicum Annuum cv. Poinsettia
Capsicum Annuum cv. Poinsettia

Capsicum Annuum cv. Pimento D' Espellet - large hot pepper that is well used in the kitchen. Pimento D' Espellet ripens early.

Capsicum Annuum cv. Pimento D' Espellet

Chillies were photographed on a sunny summer day. Perhaps these colourful beauties remain stored in our minds.

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