Rocots have matured – from this healthy vegetable, we can make a spicy sauce, ketchup and delicious

In my natural garden, I grow unique species Capsicum Pubescens (the entire plant is hairy) in many kinds (interested can write me a message for seeds).

On the photos, you will see one-year plants before collecting and fruits ready for processing into sauces, ketchup and stuffed peppers. Rocots are full of vitamins and belong to the juiciest, sweetest, very hot and very aromatic healthy vegetable with medicinal properties...

Rocoto San Isidro - it has exotic pale purple and white flower.

Mini Rocoto - is easy to grow. It has early ripening fruits.

Rocoto Ecuadorian Red - pepper is characterised by high fertility.

Rocoto Peron Rojo

Rocoto Gelbe Riesen - one of the biggest Rocoto.

Rocoto Red - excellent for filling and baking.

Rocoto CAP 363

Rocoto Aji Largo - small, oblong, very fruitful.

Rocoto Canario

Rocoto Large Red - large, elongated, very hot Rocoto.

Orange Locoto - in Bolivia, locals call it Locoto.

Rocoto Montufar

Rocoto CAP 867 Red - the original red form

Rocoto CAP 867 Orange - salmon-orange form

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