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Planting seeds of chilli peppers

The sun is closer to the Tropic of Capricorn. Moon has already moved into the correct constellation. Because the moon is in the fiery sign for only two and a half day, work needs to be accelerated. So let's go to seed peppers. Firstly preparation – create spreadsheets in Excel for order and control germination. Then buying Jiffy7 tablets with a diameter of 3 cm.

tablety Jiffy7 o průměru 3 cm

Basic hygiene (washing the mini greenhouse, seed cleaning). Soaking peat tablets Jiffy 7 (3 cm in diameter) in water.

Tablets Jiffy 7 with a diameter of 3 cm

Inserting swelled tablets into the mini seed greenhouses.

výsevní mini skleníky

Sowing seeds, by the first one, the genus Capsicum pubescens take a turn. I use mostly my own seeds. New species are purchased from companies around the world, or exchanged with other growers.

chilli peppers seeds

I write numbers and sometimes the names of peppers on the labels. On the surface of tablets, I lay from two to three seeds of chilli according to the experience of germination from previous years. I'm trying to germinate at the least one seed on a tablet. If there grow plants, then I thin out young seedlings later. For some species, I let grow 2 peppers.

sázení capsicum pubescens

Then followed sowing wild pepper seeds. Wild peppers germinate much worse than conventional varieties. And if they germinate, sprouting time then takes much longer - sometimes even for 6 weeks. The problem is often solved by soaking in weak concentrations of phosphoric acid or potassium phosphate. This stimulates the passage through the digestive tract of South American birds, which savour wild pepper fruits and contribute to the spread of seeds through droppings.

setting divokých paprik

Sowing seeds of Capsicum Baccatum. Usually they germinate quickly and very willingly.

sázení capsicum baccatum

Done. Other peppers, Capsicum Annuum, Capsicum Frutescens and Capsicum Chinense I will sow in other appropriate constellation of the sun and moon.

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